Pinoy Random foods

Random foods


A meat dish prepared by marinating pieces of beef, chicken pork or a mixture of meat in vinegar, crushed garlic, spices and soy sauce. The mixture is simmered until meat is tender and finally allowed to brown in its own fat.

Fleshy fish may be cooked into adobo. Vegetables can also be cooked in this style such as Adobong sitao/sitaw or adobong kangkong.


A meat dish consisting of liver, kidneys, heart and tenderloin sautéed in onions, garlic and ginger. Seasoned with salt or “patis” (fish sauce) and simmered with additional stock. Garnished with fresh green onions . Famous La Paz Batchoy or Iloilo.


Broiled or smoked fish with assorted vegetables, seasoned with bagoong alamang and boiled with enough liquid for broth.


Meat dish usually goat meat, sauteed in lard, garlic, onions, potatoes, peas bell pepper and seasonings. Stock is reduced before liver paste is added as a thickener.



Puto bumbong

September 30, 2012

Puto bumbong

Puto Bumbong – purpled-colored sweets cooked in tubes that are placed on a special steamer. When cooked, they are removed from the tubes, topped with butter, and sprinkled with sugar and niyog (grated coconut). They are then wrapped in banana leaves until they are ready to be eaten.


Crispy Pata

September 30, 2012

Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata – Pork knuckles (pata), marinated then deep fried until crispy golden brown. However, the knuckles are a small portion, thus it is the whole leg of pork that is usually served.



September 30, 2012


Bibingka – A hot rice cake topped with a spread of butter, slices of kesong puti (white cheese) and itlog na maalat (salted duck eggs), and sometimes grated coconut.
Biko – glutinous rice sweets creamed with sugar, butter, and coconut milk.


Mindanao Delicacies

September 26, 2012

are exotic, using a number of spices, namely: chili, onion, and ginger. In general, Mindanao cuisine is a mixture of Spanish and Malay influence. One of the most common ingredients used by Mindanaoans in their daily food preparations is coconut milk. Aside from the fact that coconut is abundant in the region, it also adds a distinctive taste.

Locon on a wedding

Obviously, the is the biggest area in the country with Spanish influence. One example of their produce that bears the Spanish mark is the Spanish sardines, one of the famous products of Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte. Your trip to Zamboanga will never be complete without a taste of their famous curacha. The recipe is a combination of crab and lobster boiled in plain water. A mixture of coconut milk, chili, and other spices serves as sauce for this meaty curacha. In addition to Zamboanga’s delicacies are Zambo rolls or lokot-lokot.

Zamboanga Satti

region is best recommended for those who have the sweet tooth. This region in Mindanao is popular with their sweet delicacies, namely: salvaro (dry cassava), peanut biscuit, popularly known as cay-cay, and other durian products.

has been attracting tourists for years not only with its beautiful tourist spots but also with the foods served as well. The city of golden friendship, Cagayan de Oro is popular for its turones de mani. It is made of crushed peanuts coated with honey, and wrapped in wafer. The mouthwatering pastel of Camiguin island is also gaining popularity. Iligan City is famous for its greaseless peanut (Cheding Peanuts) and marinated wild pig, dipped in hot and spicy suka pinakurat. Binaki is a Bukidnon delicacy; it sounds weird but it tastes good. It is made of ground young corn mixed with milk and sugar and wrapped in fresh corncob.

The is famous for its rice delicacies, namely: dudul, pastil, katilapan, pawa. Native dishes like chicken are cooked with curry powder. In addition to the list of Muslim delicacies are: putrid, sinigang baka, and tinadtag.

The beautiful sea waters of Socsargen produce abundant seafoods. In Gensan, for example, tuna delicacies like tuna hotdog, tuna longganisa, and tuna tocino are widely available. Aside from tuna, bangsi (flying fish) of Sarangani is prepared in different ways — fried, kinilaw, or cooked with coconut milk. Tasty crabs as well as prawn delicacies can also be enjoyed in this part of Mindanao.





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